Traffic Violations

Traffic Violations In New Jersey

A traffic violation may seem like a minor legal issue, but it can turn very costly considering the fines, fees and insurance increases you may face. If you have been issued a traffic citation in New Jersey, an experienced attorney can protect your rights and advocate for you in traffic court.

I am Steven A. Garner, Attorney At Law, a traffic violation defense lawyer in Somerset, New Jersey. I represent clients in traffic matters occurring in Middlesex, Somerset and Monmouth counties and throughout surrounding areas. Most traffic tickets are worth fighting. I am here to fight for you.

Keeping Points Off Your New Jersey Driver’s License

In New Jersey, 12 or more points against your license will result in suspension. Considering the following values for various traffic violations, points can add up in a hurry:

  • Speeding: two, four or five points, depending on how fast you were going
  • Improper passing: four points
  • Improper passing of a school bus: five points
  • Racing on the highway: five points
  • Tailgating: five points
  • Reckless driving: five points
  • Careless driving: two points

I defend clients against serious traffic violations such as driving while suspended and driving with no insurance, which carry harsh potential consequences, including driver’s license suspension and even possible jail time.

It is important to fight traffic tickets whenever possible, to keep these points off your driver’s license. I can represent you in contesting speeding tickets and other traffic tickets in New Jersey municipal courts as well as all matters before the Motor Vehicle Commission.

Charged With A Traffic Ticket In New Jersey? I Can Help.

If you have been issued a speeding ticket or any traffic citation in New Jersey, I am here to protect your rights. Contact my law office today online or by telephone at 732-410-7623 to arrange a free initial consultation with a traffic ticket defense attorney in Somerset, New Jersey.