DWI/DUI Penalties

DWI/DUI Penalties

In any part of the U.S., the penalties for drunk driving conviction can be very severe. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in the state of New Jersey, you will need legal counsel that can help you reduce or eliminate the charges. The goal is to mitigate the damage as much as possible, which is why you want an attorney with the knowledge and dedication to help you through the process.

I am attorney Steven A. Garner and at my office in Somerset, I confidently use more than 14 years of experience when aggressively protecting the rights of clients who have been arrested for and charged with a wide variety of offenses, including DUI/DWI.

What You Should Know About DWI/DUI Penalties

  • Like many states, New Jersey has set a limit of .08 BAC (blood alcohol content) for driving under the influence. This applies to any kind of motor vehicle operated on the roadways, and also to boats.
  • Even a first offense can mean a loss of your license for three months and up to 30 days in prison.
    • If your BAC is over .10, though, that can translate into losing your license for seven months to one year, along with the 30 day prison term.
    • There are also fees, surcharges, and fines that will have to be paid at every level of DUI, and repeated convictions come with increasingly stronger penalties.
  • A second offense within 10 years of the first can mean a two-year license loss, and a third offense within 10 years of the second can mean a 10-year license loss. The length of the prison term also rises with each offense.

For anyone who has been arrested and charged with a DUI, the right lawyer can make a difference in whether those charges stand, if they are dropped or reduced, and the severity of the sentence received. While the hiring of an attorney is not a guarantee of any type of outcome, proper representation is important for ensuring that the facts of your case are correctly provided for consideration.

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