Expungements In New Jersey

A criminal record can hold you back in life, keeping employment and educational opportunities out of reach. A prior arrest or criminal charge can also hamper your ability to find housing and get approved for loans.

In New Jersey, expungement is a process by which a criminal record is essentially sealed and made unavailable for public view.

Once your record is expunged, your criminal record will be removed from public view and you will be able to truthfully answer “no” when asked questions about the underlying offense.

Whether a record can be expunged depends upon several factors, including the crime you were charged with, how much time has passed and whether there are other incidents on your criminal record.

Generally, you can expunge records if:

  • You were arrested and the charges were dismissed.
  • The charges were dismissed after completion of a diversionary program.

Certain convictions may be expunged, but only after a five-year waiting period has expired. DWI arrests cannot be expunged. Serious felonies such as homicide, most sex crimes and most violent crimes cannot be expunged.

If you have a criminal record you would like expunged, I can help you explore your options and guide you through the legal process. In more than a decade of criminal law practice, I have helped many people remove the burden of a criminal record.

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