Fighting Assault Charges In New Jersey

An assault charge can put much at risk, from your employment prospects to your family life to your right to possess a firearm.

Assault is a serious charge, but it does not necessarily have to result in a conviction. You have defense options available. Finding them requires the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Don’t delay, however, because the longer you wait, the fewer the options that may be available to you.

At Steven A. Garner, Attorney At Law, I provide strong defense representation against felony and misdemeanor assault charges to clients in Franklin Township and throughout surrounding areas in New Jersey. With more than a decade of experience, I am prepared to guide you through this legal crisis.

Assault Defense Strategies

I can employ a number of assault defense strategies on your behalf, depending upon the specific circumstances of your case. In some situations, it is appropriate to argue self-defense. Mistaken identity plays a role in some cases. I will thoroughly explore the facts to determine the best strategy to use to defend you against assault charges.

Defending Against All Violent Crimes

I can defend you against any violent crime charge you may face, including assault, battery, armed robbery, homicide, kidnapping, domestic violence or making terroristic threats.

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