Do you know how you wound up facing DWI charges?

Do you know how you wound up facing DWI charges?

When the police pulled you over after having a drink with a friend, you felt confident you would soon be on your way. After all, you only consumed a small amount of alcohol and can drive safely.

After talking with the officer for a few minutes, they suddenly announce they are detaining on suspicion of DWI. Your seemingly cordial exchange with law enforcement may be a factor in your current situation.

Police DWI traffic stop tactics

Modern policing involves strategies aimed at drawing incriminating information from those suspected of criminal activity. An easy and effective strategy police officers rely on is conversing casually with suspects early in the traffic stop.

With only the following two tactics, a cop may elicit enough details from you to start DWI investigation and arrest procedures:

  • They ask open-ended questions. The police are moving away from questions requiring only one-word answers like yes and no. Instead, they try to engage suspects to increase the possibility that they might say something that helps confirm their suspicions.
  • They try to keep you talking. Again, the more the police can get you to say, the better the odds of self-incrimination. If you admit that you had even one drink, the officer may have probable cause to investigate further. Many law enforcement agencies teach their staff how to become active listeners so they can keep suspects talking.

Be cautious and respectfully exercise your right to remain silent when dealing with the police in a DWI stop. When facing drunk driving charges, arm yourself with guidance and knowledge of New Jersey DWI laws to obtain the best outcome.