A third DUI offense: Are you going to jail? 

A third DUI offense: Are you going to jail? 

Facing a DUI conviction is a worrying time. When you’re looking at charges for the third time, the consequences are going to be more serious if you’re convicted. It’s likely to have an impact on many aspects of your life including your career, your ability to drive and even your relationships with friends and family. 

If you find yourself in this position, the best thing you can do is know what possible penalties you’re up against and what you should do next. 

A third DUI conviction comes with some mandatory jail time

The penalties for DUI in New Jersey get progressively more severe with each conviction. This takes into account the seriousness of repeating the offense. 

For a third DUI, the penalties include: 

  • A fine of $1000 minimum 
  • Driving license suspension for 10 years 
  • Mandatory jail time in the county jail of not less than 180 days 

Can this jail time be served at weekends and can it be reduced?

The term has to be served as “straight time”. This means that you will have to spend at least 180 days in jail without a break if found guilty of this offense. This term can be reduced by a maximum of 90 days by enrolling in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that’s approved by the court. 

The only way to avoid jail time for a third DUI charge is to put forward a valid defense. Given the serious consequences of a conviction, it’s crucial that you seek some legal help as early as possible. That’s the best way to make sure your case is presented to the judge in a way that puts forward all your mitigating evidence.