3 things that distract drivers

3 things that distract drivers

Many drivers appear to be unaware of how dangerous distracted driving can be. A glance at any line of traffic will show many drivers are not giving the road enough attention.

The statistics speak for themselves: Around 3,000 people a year lose their lives due to distracted drivers. Many more people are injured in the crashes they cause. Here are some common distractions:

Talking to others

A conversation requires concentration. It applies whether you are talking to someone via phone, text or in person. Hands-free sets do not make phone use safe while driving – they merely make it a little less dangerous.

Nothing is wrong with talking to your passengers, but you need to know when to cut the conversation and concentrate on the road. You should also take care with turning around to speak to anyone in the rear, as you can’t see what’s in front of you if you are looking behind.

Unrestrained pets

The safest place for pets in the car is in a harness on the rear seat or in a cage strapped down in the trunk.  Allowing them to move about freely is dangerous and distracting, especially if they get excited about something like a fly or another dog outside and jump on you.


When your drive a scenic road, the safest way to enjoy the view is to pull into a parking spot. Some landscapes are so dramatic they can hold your attention longer than is safe.

If a driver injures you in a crash, getting legal help to show they were distracted could help you to get the compensation you need.