Where to start if facing a DUI charge?

Where to start if facing a DUI charge?

While DWI charges are relatively common, they are not something to take lightly. They are far more serious than many of the other driving offenses the police might stop you for.

Accepting the charge without a fight ensures you will walk away with a criminal record which will likely have a far greater effect on your life than the penalties a judge hands out for a first-time offense.

Here are some things to think about when looking at defense options:

Did you drink anything?

If you did not drink alcohol, you need to consider what could have caused you to fail the police tests. Field sobriety tests are easy to fail, especially if you were stressed due to the police stop or have a physical injury or condition.

Breathalyzer tests are reasonably reliable and harder to flunk without having something in your system that influenced them. Yet the machines are not always 100% accurate, and if you were only just over the limit, highlighting a minor discrepancy could be enough to bring you back under the legal limit.

Prescription medications, mouthwash, or the presence of fresh aerosol paints could all push a reading up. A lack of recent calibration could also justify your doubts over the machine’s accuracy.

Examine the police stop

Courts can throw out DWI cases because of mistakes the police made during the stop and arrest.

Do not think you can handle a DWI alone. Getting legal help will greatly increase your chances of overturning the DWI charge or at least minimizing the penalties.