When can child support be modified in New Jersey?

When can child support be modified in New Jersey?

When a love story ends in a separation or divorce, one of the issues the divorcing couple has to grapple with is child support. A number of factors come into play when determining child support.  

However, child support payments can be reviewed and modified upon petition by one or both parents. Once the petition for modification has been filed, the court will review the circumstances and approve or decline the request. 

Here are some of the reasons why the court may accept a child support modification request. 

Change in the parents’ circumstances

Change in the parents’ income can take many forms. For instance, losing your job can throw your finances into disarray. As a result, you may find yourself struggling to keep up with your child support payments. This can result in wage garnishment, seizure of your tax refunds or even incarceration. To avoid any or all of these, you may want to request the court to modify an existing child support arrangement. And while loss of income can be a major cause for a child support modification, moving from a high to a low paying job can also be reason enough a modification request. 

Changes in the child’s needs

Kids go through different stages on their journey to adulthood. And each of these changes comes with varying needs. For instance, a pre-schooler may need daycare funding. As the child transitions to elementary school, they will certainly outgrow this need as they adopt other needs. Health issues may also come up which may necessitate more expenses on the child. All these may call for an upward or downward modification of the existing child support arrangement. 

Every parent has an obligation to provide for their child regardless of their relationship situation. These are some of the reasons why the court may be open to modifying an existing child support agreement