Brain injuries: Stressful physically and financially

Brain injuries: Stressful physically and financially

After an auto accident, you may be left with a brain injury. The cost of a brain injury could be very high depending on its severity and what you need to do to take care of it and recover.

The average cost of taking care of a brain injury over the course of a lifetime is around $85,000. However, a single survivor of a severe traumatic brain injury may have lifetime costs of over $3 million.

Knowing how much a brain injury could cost, it’s extremely important to get fair compensation after a car crash. The at-fault driver should be held responsible for your injuries so that you can seek compensation through their auto insurance or other sources.

What is the average cost of rehabilitation for those with TBIs?

The average cost of rehabilitation is around $196,460 on average. That means that it may be much less for some people while it may cost much more for others. For people who don’t have to go through rehabilitation, a traumatic brain injury is costly but not nearly as much. The average cost of medical and non-medical care without rehabilitation is around $17,893.

Traumatic brain injuries can be stressful physically and financially

There is no question that traumatic brain injuries are stressful financially and physically. Families may struggle to pay down medical bills and to make up for the lost income. The cost of your injury will vary because brain injuries vary from person to person. To make recovery easier for yourself and your family, you may want to look into making a personal injury claim. Our website has more information on the steps to take next.