When will you lose your license over too many New Jersey tickets?

When will you lose your license over too many New Jersey tickets?

When you break the law while driving, you could get pulled over by the police. The citation that results will be an expensive frustration, as it could cost you several hundred dollars.

Many drivers are quick to pay a fine after their traffic stop because they just want to put the whole embarrassing citation behind them. What they don’t consider is how they could potentially lose their licenses if they already have several other traffic tickets on their driving records.

New Jersey maintains a record of your prior infractions and assigns points to each one. When will a traffic ticket potentially cost you your license?

When you accrue 12 points, your license is at risk

There is no set number of tickets that will automatically trigger the loss of your license in New Jersey. Instead, the main determining factor will be the severity of each individual traffic violation. Some driving mistakes, like moving against traffic or failing to yield to a pedestrian crossing the street in a marked crosswalk, are worth just two points against your license.

Others, like tailgating and reckless driving, will add five points all at once. A bad weekend where you get a traffic ticket every day might be enough to cost you your license. Even a first offense is cause for concern because it means that future driving infractions might put you at risk of losing your license.

Defending against a ticket when you don’t have numerous prior offenses on your license may be easier than defending against the last ticket that will ultimately cost you your license when you already have 10 points accrued.

Defending against a ticket can save you money and preserve your rights

Given that a traffic citation may only cost a few hundred dollars, hiring an attorney to fight that ticket in court might seem like overkill.

However, when you consider other expenses, like driving surcharges that start to apply to your license after just six points and the increased cost of liability insurance, you make eventually realize that fighting a ticket will be more cost-effective than paying it and effectively pleading guilty.

Learning about the penalties you face for traffic infractions could give you the motivation you need to protect your license.