Can you use a receipt as an alibi?

Can you use a receipt as an alibi?

An alibi can help you fight criminal charges if it proves that you were somewhere else at the time that the crime took place. It’s common for people who get arrested to claim they were with someone else or engaged in a specific activity and so couldn’t have committed the crime even if they wanted to.

The problem, of course, is that an alibi has to be something you can prove. Simply claiming you were somewhere else is unlikely to get you out of charges because it could just be seen as a lie or an excuse. It doesn’t matter if it’s true if your word is the only thing the court has to go on.

So, what should you use? Say you have a receipt from a store. It’s time-stamped right around the crime and your name is connected to it because your credit card was used. Could that be an alibi?

Written records are a powerful alibi

As you likely suspect, the answer is that yes, you can absolutely use a receipt or some other type of documentation. This is powerful because it goes beyond human testimony and it’s harder to refute.

For instance, there is a famous case where a man was arrested and convicted of murder. The whole time, he insisted he was miles from the scene, at a Hertz car rental office. Hertz wouldn’t give him the receipt to prove it, though. Fortunately, he was eventually able to get them to turn it over and he was released from the wrongful conviction.

If you’re facing charges of any sort, you can see how important it is to explore all of the options you have.