Could drug court help you avoid the adverse implications associated with a conviction?

Could drug court help you avoid the adverse implications associated with a conviction?

New Jersey courts runs an extensive drug court system here in the state. In fact, according to the State of New Jersey Office of the Public Defender, all 21 counties offer such a program.

Not everyone facing drug charges may qualify for participation in this program due to their prior criminal history, charges that they’re facing or lack of aptitude for change. Those defendants whom the court does grant permission to participate may change the trajectory of their life by doing so.

Who can participate in New Jersey’s drug court?

New Jersey courts allows non-violent offenders experiencing moderate to severe drug dependency issues generally qualify for participation in drug court. A defendant’s performance on their substance abuse assessment and prosecutors’ review of the offender applicant’s file both dictate whether they’ll receive admittance to this drug court program.

What can you expect to happen in drug court?

One of the first things that the judge will have you do in drug court is to enter a plea in your case. The court will then impose a deferred sentence in your case. Defendants generally can expect the court to dismiss their charges provided they comply with all the court’s orders.

The court typically expects defendants who participate in drug court to undergo regular drug testing and attend both group and individual counseling sessions as well as Narcotics or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. The court may also require a defendant to undergo vocational training and to remain employed for the duration of their involvement in drug court.

Do you qualify for participation in drug court?

As previously mentioned, your participation in drug court isn’t guaranteed. You have to show an ability to accept you have a problem, like addiction, and acknowledge that you want to get help for it. You may find it helpful to speak with your attorney about the eligibility requirements for this program and whether pursuing this option is the best defense strategy for you in your case.