The risk of waiting until you’ve healed to sue an at-fault driver

The risk of waiting until you’ve healed to sue an at-fault driver

The injuries you suffer in a serious car crash might affect you for years to come. One mistake people make after a crash is to settle their insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit too early.

The costs that you incur can continue to accrue for months or longer after a crash. Some people experience the unfortunate situation of realizing that they didn’t receive enough compensation. It might turn out that you have a secondary health condition as a result of the crash or that you can’t go back to the same job you once work.

While you certainly want to know how much compensation is appropriate when you file a lawsuit after a major car crash, waiting until you heal to take legal action might mean completely losing out on your right to seek compensation at all.

New Jersey has limits on when you can sue someone

The more time that has passed between a specific event and a court hearing, the harder it will be to gather conclusive evidence about the situation. New Jersey law protects people from unfair allegations and lawsuits by requiring that victims hurt by someone else’s criminal activity or negligence bring financial claims in a timely manner.

The statute of limitations for car crash victims gives them two years from the date of the collision to file a civil lawsuit. You don’t have to resolve the lawsuit in that time, but you must have made a formal filing with the courts by the two-year anniversary of the crash or risk permanently losing your right to ask for compensation.

You can always amend a filing before you go to court

If you initiate a civil lawsuit, only to eventually discover that there are more expenses than you initially expected, you may be able to change some of the details of your lawsuit to reflect the changing situation. Waiting until you have a realistic idea of how the crash will impact your finances can be smart, but waiting too long might mean losing out on the right to seek justice and compensation.