If a passenger doors you, then you should pursue a claim

If a passenger doors you, then you should pursue a claim

You love riding your bike. In fact, most people in your neighborhood know exactly what time you’re going to be passing through on your bicycle. You’ve been riding the same routes for the last few years, so you’re familiar with the traffic that you’ll see and have gotten used to the rules of the road.

You never expected that your last ride would put you in the hospital. You left your house at the same time as usual, but there was a traffic jam on one of the main roads. You decided to ride up beside the vehicles, passing on the right where the bike lane was. Drivers and their passengers must not have been paying attention because one of the passengers flung open their door straight into your path.

You couldn’t stop, so you ended up colliding with the door and suffering injuries as a result. Now, you have medical bills to pay, and you want to make a claim.

After a dooring crash, you have a right to pursue compensation

Drivers or passengers who are getting out of their vehicles should be aware that cyclists could be nearby, but they don’t always look. As a cyclist, you may not have time to stop or get out of the way, and the door could cause you to be thrown from your bicycle or suffer impact-related injuries.

Anytime another person’s mistakes lead to your injuries, it’s important to hold them accountable. Yes, it may have been an accident, but the reality is that carelessness is what led to you suffering injuries.