Did police pull over the wrong car?

Did police pull over the wrong car?

When the police officer pulls you over on your drive home from work, you are as shocked as anyone. You have no idea what you did wrong. The first question the officer always asks is if you know why they pulled you over and you honestly say that no, you have no clue. 

Then the officer tells you that they clocked you driving 80 miles per hour in a 65-MPH zone. They’re simply pulling you over for speeding. 

That doesn’t ease your confusion, though, since you had the cruise control set at 65 miles per hour. You start wondering if you set it incorrectly, if the cruise control is broken, if the speedometer is off or what else could have happened to make the officer think you were speeding. 

Then you realize the problem. You drive a gray sedan, one of the most common colors in the world. At a distance, it could even appear silver or black — two of the other top colors. All are technically edged out by white, but your car’s make, model and color are all very generic. 

You were going over a hill when the officer clocked you. They had to come over the hill to catch up, briefly losing sight of your car. It’s clear what happened: They clocked someone else at 80 miles per hour and then accidentally pulled over the wrong car because yours looked so similar.

Now, this may be obvious to you, since you know you’re being honest about your own speed, but will the officer believe you? Maybe not. You have to know what legal options you have. You can fight a traffic ticket and all the consequences it may bring in court.