What is assault and how can I fight back against these charges?

What is assault and how can I fight back against these charges?

A criminal charge of any kind can interrupt and change your life, no matter how major or minor the charge may seem. You may feel overwhelmed by your situation, yet no matter what happened to lead to criminal charges, you still have the right to defend yourself and seek the best possible outcome to your situation.

There are many factors and situations that could lead to assault charges. Ranging from simple assault to battery to aggravated assault, you have no time to lose in building a custom-tailored defense strategy, no matter the details of your individual case. There are various options available to New Jersey defendants, but your quick action is crucial to a successful outcome to your case.

What does assault mean?

Assault charges stem from any action that threatens harm, attempts to cause physical harm or actually causes harm to another person. Sometimes, assault charges follow threats or other types of behavior meant to intimidate or frighten a person into thinking physical harm is coming. While a serious charge, it does not necessary mean that you will face a conviction. Here are some things you need to know about assault and battery charges:

  • It is possible to face these charges without actually harming another person.
  • Aggravated assault can follow an attempt to do serious harm or actually cause severe harm to another person.
  • Assault and battery often go hand-in-hand, but assault is actually a threat of harm, while battery is the physical act of causing harm.
  • Assault is a term that can encompass many different types of behavior, but it implies the attempt to do harm through either violence or force.
  • In order to file assault charges, there must be proof that the defendant acted with the intent to harm.

There are various ways to defend yourself against these types of charges. You would be wise to remember that a charge does not necessarily mean a conviction will follow, and it is always worthwhile to defend yourself and your interests.

A strong defense for you

The defense strategy that is right for you depends largely upon the details of your individual situation. It is possible that your charges stem from a misunderstanding or a one-time mistake. You have the right to challenge the case against you, call into question any evidence brought by the prosecution and to present evidence that supports your defense.

The strong defense you deserve won’t happen by accident. You would be wise to reach out for guidance regarding your rights and options as soon as possible after an arrest.